Periodontal Surgery

The early stages of periodontal disease can usually be treated by scaling and root planing also known as "deep cleaning". However, with more advanced cases periodontal surgery is often indicated. It is important to note that we take into consideration your general health, past history of treatment and your treatment goals before proceeding with a surgical treatment plan.

Flap Surgery

The most common form of periodontal surgery helps to clean out the infected deep pockets and repair some of the damage that was done due to the periodontal disease. This is known as a flap procedure which allows access to the bottom of the deep pockets and the defects in the bone. Often bone grafting is performed as part of a flap procedure to restore some of the lost bone.

GTR Bone Regneration Technique

This video shows in certain cases how new bone growth can be triggered to repair the patient's bone loss.

Tissue or Gum Graft

Another type of periodontal surgery is known as a soft tissue graft. This is done to enhance the amount of healthy tissue around the tooth roots or in certain cases cover the exposed root surfaces caused by recession.

Crown Lengthening

Periodontal surgery can also be used to enhance the esthetic outcome with veneers and is often referred to as cosmetic crown lengthening. Crown lengthening surgery is also used to obtain access to deep cavities allowing the restorative dentist to remove the decay and place a crown to enhance the prognosis of the tooth.

Laser Surgery

LANAP stands for Laser-Aassisted New Attachment Procedure. It is a new method of treating moderate to advanced periodontal disease. The laser is used to remove diseased tissue and allow access to better remove the plaque, bacteria and tartar from the root surface. A second pass with the laser stimulates repair and seals off the pocket to allow for healing. Click For More Info >

Post Surgical Care - Following periodontal surgery most patients are placed on a cleaning and recall schedule which allows us to monitor your periodontal health and help prevent a recurrence of the problem. Often these recall visits alternate between us and your general dentist.

Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation

Dr. Pawlus is certified in this dramatic surgical breakthrough that allows for a less painful, faster and cost effective alternative to conventional gum grafting.

Single Implant

This video shows how a tooth implant procedure is done. Click For More Info >

Lower Implant Bridge

This video shows how a complete lower implant bridge is done. Click For More Info >